Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog Stuff: A New Feature Already!

I decided that trying to add definitions to terms in-line with the post itself is becoming cumbersome.

Seriously. How many sets of parenthetical phrases can be good for the soul, anyway? Plus, those of you who know the definitions of these terms already may not want to be bothered.

To solve that problem, I've added a new feature to the blog: The Unauthorized Glossary. If you look above the day/date stamp for this post, you should see a new tab up there. Click on it. It's fun stuff.

Fair warning: These are my definitions. Which means I try to make them a little more entertaining than your typical Webster's or beginning brewing book definition, but still mostly accurate.

I'll add to this page whenever I use a term I haven't defined for you yet. And add a big bold blue link in the post so you know it's a term in the glossary. Like that. See? I look out for you guys.

And, by the way, have I used a term in a post somewhere and you haven't a clue what it means? Let me know! I'll write you up your very own definition and add it.

Because I'm all about the value-add.

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